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About Us

Team photoDr. Jeff May has been in practice since February 2008 after his graduation from Northwestern Health Sciences University. He opened Total Health Advantage right away, appreciating its proximity to his family’s home and enjoying the small-town feel that reminded him of his hometown in Nebraska.

Our Mission

To help make Scott County the healthiest county in the state.

We know that people are safer and healthier inside of our office than out of it. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, your life can be improved at Total Health Advantage. When someone walks through our door, no matter who they are or why they’re here, we can impact their life and give them an advantage that will benefit them.

Offering Wellness to Your Family

We see people of all ages and have many practice members who are babies and children. Many of the kids we see struggle with learning and focus disorders, while others are here for regular check-ups that help them stay healthy. Beginning chiropractic care early on can give your young ones numerous benefits, and we love knowing that we’re helping them get more out of life.

We’re especially proud to say that we’ve seen many practice members able to reduce or eliminate the need for medicines in their lives since starting care. In the adjustitorium, there is a Freedom Jar nearly 3 feet tall that’s filled to the brim with medications that people haven’t needed since they began care.

New patient specials are available — contact our chiropractic care center today to find out more! We offer late hours for your convenience and are happy to see emergency cases.

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