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Meet Dr. Julia Grace

Raised With a Chiropractic Lifestyle

Chiropractor Jordan, Julia GraceWith a chiropractor father, Dr. Julia grew up with a different mindset and approach to health than anyone else she knew. She realized that chiropractic was the right profession for her and made the decision to enroll at Northwestern Health Sciences University. “I was fascinated by the idea of influencing people’s nervous systems because it has an immediate, direct impact on their life.”

During her years at chiropractic school, Dr. Julia began training with Dr. Jeff, who strongly influenced the way she practiced. “I feel fortunate to work beside my mentor. I shadowed a lot of chiropractors, and I love the way Dr. Jeff practices.”

Delivering Whole Family Care

Dr. Julia enjoys seeing practice members of all ages, particularly babies and young children. Often, catching problems early in life means that they grow up avoiding common symptoms that adults express. “It’s going to help them lead a healthier, happier, more advantaged life.” Her passion has only grown since she completed her chiropractic education. She enjoys restoring others’ hope and is excited about being a beacon of light for the people in our community.

Dr. Julia grew up in South Dakota and has a chiropractic family with a dad, brother and sister who are all chiropractors. She earned a degree in nutrition from South Dakota State University and is married to a fellow chiropractor.

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